About Rock Mills Enterprises 

Rock Mills Enterprises, Inc. is an independently owned company located in the heart of America in Rock Valley, Iowa. Our company is built on small town values with quality products.

We service several different markets and industries by providing quality products that reduce injuries related to lifting manhole covers and sewer grates. Rock Mills Enterprises has business relationships that are built on the principles of honesty and integrity. The industries we serve include:

  • Municipalities
  • Military bases
  • Universities
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Public utilities
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Large government
  • Industrial complexes
  • Operations and maintenance contractors


Our Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter is unlike other products in the marketplace because it mounts on a vehicle and with a remote you can easily remove manhole covers and sewer grates. Our products make manual handling of manhole covers obsolete. 

Automatic Manhole Lid Lifters make lifting the manhole cover easy, safe, and efficient. The lifting of the manhole cover can be done while the operator is seated in a vehicle. No tools, no assembly. Learn more about our Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter and Sewer Grate Lifter Attachment.

Rock Mills Enterprises Mission

Develop innovative products dedicated to worker safety, ease of operation, and underground infrastructure security. Our customers are our focus. 

Call us at 712-451-6550 and see how our products can simplify the process of lifting a manhole cover or sewer grates and managing underground infrastructure maintenance and security.

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