Parts & Service

Rely on Rock Mills Enterprises for additional parts, and our service staff stands ready to assist with installation advice and support.

Parts List

P-42 Frame
P-32 Power Unit
P-32b Hydraulic Cylinder
W-30 Wireless Remote Control(with transmitter)
WT-30 Wireless Remote Transmitter
P-20a Color Camera with cable
P-20b 33′ Camera cable
P-20c Flat LCD color monitor
P-10 8″ Electro Magnet
P-13 Magnet curly cord/disconnect
WP-3 Additional Vehicle Wiring Package
GA-10 Grate Attachment
SA-10 Swing Arm

 Installation Guide

Service Agreement on The Lifter

A two year service agreement can be purchased which includes inspecting the motor, pump, and hydraulic cylinder; replacing solenoid and hydraulic hoses if necessary; inspecting and cleaning all electrical fittings; refurbishing magnet and frame; and changing hydraulic oil. This agreement can be renewed.


Warranty on The Lifter

One-year warranty on all Lifter components, with two-year warranty on camera and monitor system.


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