Parts & Service for the Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter

Rock Mills Enterprises is available for all your parts and services needs for the Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter and accessories. If you need additional parts or have any questions about our products, our service staff stands ready to assist with installation advice and support.

Installation Guide and Instructions for Using the Manhole Lifter

Use the installation Guide for information on installing the lifter on to a vehicle. You will also find instructions for using the lifter and care instructions.

Installation Guide

Parts List

  • P-42 – Frame
  • P-32 – Power Unit
  • P-32b – Hydraulic Cylinder
  • W-30 – Wireless Remote Control(with transmitter)
  • WT-30 – Wireless Remote Transmitter
  • P-20a – Color Camera with cable
  • P-20b – 33′ Camera cable
  • P-20c – Flat LCD color monitor
  • P-10 – 8″ Electro Magnet
  • P-13 – Magnet curly cord/disconnect
  • WP-3 – Additional Vehicle Wiring Package
  • GA-10 – Grate Attachment
  • SA-10 – Swing Arm

Service Agreement for the Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter

A two year service agreement can be purchased which includes inspecting the motor, pump, and hydraulic cylinder; replacing solenoid and hydraulic hoses if necessary; inspecting and cleaning all electrical fittings; refurbishing magnet and frame; and changing hydraulic oil. This agreement can be renewed.

Warranty on the Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter

Rock Mills Enterprises includes a one-year warranty on all Lifter components, with two-year warranty on the camera and monitor system.


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