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The LifterSM is the opener, or “key,” to The LocKingSM Cover. The LifterSM is used to release the locking mechanism. With The Lifter’sSM magnet activated and the locking mechanism retracted, the cover can be removed with ease.

The LocKing Cover can be purchased new or retro-fitted to existing covers.





The operator threads a pin into the
bottom of the Lifter’sSM magnet. Note the
pin just visible below the magnet.


The Lifter’sSM hydraulics exert
pressure downward, overcoming
the 500 lbs. of spring pressure.


The LifterSM easily removes the
LocKingSM Cover. Note the
retracted arm.


The LocKingSM Cover Specifications

  •  Retractable locking arms
  •  Arms in extended position lock underneath industry-standard casing
  • Operates only in conjunction with The LifterSM from Rock Mills Enterprises
  •  500 lb. pressure key mechanism 
  • Can be purchased new or retro-fitted to existing covers
  • Eliminates manhole cover theft and compromising of vulnerable infrastructure

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