The City of Fremont recently purchased the Lifter Plus to assist our workers in the field removing drain inlet covers and manhole covers. Some of these covers can weigh up to 450 lbs. The Lifter Plus has exceeded our expectations and will be a great asset in reducing the possibility of on the job injuries.

In addition to the great product, the customer service that we received from Don Moos was outstanding. He went above and beyond to meet our needs. I highly recommend Rock Mills Enterprises, their product is great and the service you receive is top of the line.

My company (National Grid) continually strives to improve safety and reduce injuries; the “Lifter PLUS” is a tool that helps us accomplishing these goals. Employees sometimes can enter up to 15 manholes in a day which proves to be very hard on the body; our manhole covers range in weight from 250 to 400lbs. The “Lifter PLUS” eliminates the wear and tear on folks back and legs by doing the heavy lifting for us.

Note that like any mechanical device it’s not without issue, but on the rare occasion one does come about the level of service has been outstanding and Rock Mills has always stood behind their product.
I want to thank you for The Lifter we bought from you. It is an awesome piece of equipment. In the field it has come in very handy and does the job. There are several large covers though-out our system. With this device it makes it a lot easier to remove and replace these covers without breaking our backs or crushing any fingers. The Lifter has been a great investment for us.
We purchased one Lifter, had staff review it and used it in the field. Their response was extremely positive and we ended up purchasing another one. The Lifter is very simple to operate, has not presented on issue in the year it’s been operating, and does not require the operator to exert any force to use. When you consider none of us are getting any younger and the cost of an average Workers’ Compensation claim, purchasing a tool to lessen the chance of an injury makes sense and pays for itself many time over.
Your response team has developed a solution and it is on the way. Thanks to Paul and Jerry we will be back in service with our overnight part. It is remarkable that such customer service dedication is incorporated into your product.

We are in the process of ordering two more units because of product support and the overall durability of our Lifter. Our back injury claims potential has been reduced and we anticipate insurance premiums to reduce also.

This continues to be the right thing to do to protect our employees. Please share this with your great staff.
We were able to install The Lifter on our Vactor jet truck and the guys are really pleased with it. Several of my employees have mentioned to me that the Lifter was one of the best pieces of equipment we have ever purchased.

All is well and we'll probably be looking to purchase a second Lifter later this year.
The City of Rawlins purchased a new combination Vactor this year and before we took possession of the truck one of our employees saw a magnetic manhole cover lifter from Rock Mills advertised on the internet. After some inquiries we decided to purchase The Lifter and have it installed on the front of the sewer jet truck to see how it would work out.

The Lifter works great and is easy to use. It has saved the crew from having to manually lift manhole covers especially during our preventive maintenance season when we lift 20 to 30 manhole covers a day. Rock Mills was very helpful to us and our supplier in getting the Lifter installed on the truck. I would never spec out another sewer jet truck without this option.