The Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter 

The Automatic Manhole Lifter is a vehicle mounted, magnetic manhole cover lifter that features a camera/monitor system and wireless remote control. The automatic manhole cover lifter provides a new level of:

  • Safety – Minimizes employee risk of injury by removing manhole covers with the push of a button while operator is safely seated in the vehicle cab.
  • Efficiency – The Automatic Manhole Lifter is the only manhole cover removing system that allows the individual to remove a manhole cover, drainage grate or sewer grate quickly and easily without leaving the vehicle. The manhole cover lifter is so fast it can remove the manhole cove,drainage grate or sewer grate in the time it would take to get out of the truck.
  • Dependability – Designed to handle the most difficult jobs, the Manhole Lid Lifter utilizes patented electro-magnet technology to quickly and easily remove manhole cover,drainage grate or sewer grates.


The Manhole Cover Lifter can easily be installed onto any vehicle that has a 2″ mounted receiver and runs off a standard 12-volt vehicle battery. 

How The Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter Works


Using the camera and monitor as
a guide, the magnet is positioned
over the manhole cover.


At the touch of a wireless remote,
the magnet is lowered onto the
manhole cover, then activated.


The manhole cover can now be raised
and moved to any location.


The Automatic Manhole LifterSM Specifications


  • Runs off standard 12-volt battery
  • Fits into 2″ hitch receiver, disconnects quickly and easily
  • Can be adapted to fit snowplow carriage
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Custom-made hydraulics and cylinder
  • Wireless remote with transmitter
  • Electro-magnet with 6′ disconnect cord
  • 5,000 lb. adhesion (metal to metal)


  • Camera – Color image
  • Infra red
  • Waterproof connections/cable
  • Monitor – 5.6″ diagonal flat screen
  • Color LCD
  • Resolution 270,000 pixels
  • Capacity for additional camera
  • Recording capabilities with added recorder


The Manhole Lid Lifter Testimonial

I want to thank you for The Lifter we bought from you. It is an awesome piece of equipment. In the field it has come in very handy and does the job. There are several large covers though-out our system. With this device it makes it a lot easier to remove and replace these covers without breaking our backs or crushing any fingers. The Lifter has been a great investment for us.

Richard “Heath” Matthews
Operations Supervisor
American Water MSG

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