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The Lifter is the only manhole cover removing system that allows the individual to remove the cover quickly and easily without leaving the vehicle. The cover can be moved in the time it would take to get out of the truck. The Lifter can easily be installed onto any vehicle that has a 2″ mounted receiver.

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Using the camera and monitor as
a guide, the magnet is positioned
over the manhole cover.


At the touch of a wireless remote,
the magnet is lowered onto the
cover, then activated.


The cover can now be raised
and moved to any location.


The LifterSM Specifications

  • Runs off standard 12-volt battery
  • Fits into 2″ hitch receiver, disconnects quickly and easily
  • Can be adapted to fit snowplow carriage
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • 5,000 lb. of lift force
  • 7,000 lb. of down pressure
  • Custom-made hydraulics and cylinder
  • Wireless remote with transmitter
  • Electro-magnet with 6′ disconnect cord


  • 5,000 lb. adhesion (metal to metal)
  • Camera – Color image
  • Infra red
  • Waterproof connections/cable
  • Monitor – 5.6″ diagonal flat screen
  • Color LCD
  • Resolution 270,000 pixels
  • Capacity for additional camera
  • Recording capabilities with added recorder


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