Approach from inside your vehicle

Roadway camera and dash monitor to spot cover.

Hand held wireless remote to engage The Lifter.

Operate The Lifter while seated in the vehicle.

Safely, efficiently-get more done.

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Activate Powerful magnet

At the touch of the wireless remote, the magnet is lowered onto the manhole cover, then activated.

Dependable, electro-magnet technology for quick and easy removal of manhole cover or drainage grates.

Watch the demo video:



Remove cover with the simple push of a button.

With optional Swing Arm, swing cover away from opening.

Replace cover with Swing Arm without moving the vehicle.

Read this article about workplace injuries.

Put the benefits of the lifter to work for your team

  • The Lifter automates the process
  • Minimize risk and high cost of employee injury
  • The Lifter helps make workers more efficient
  • The Lifter can greatly benefit an aging work force


Standard Features

Runs off standard 12-volt battery
Fits into 2″ hitch receiver, disconnects quickly and easily
Hydraulic power unit
Custom-made hydraulics and cylinder
Wireless remote with transmitter
Electro-magnet with 6′ disconnect cord
Camera – Color image
Infra red
Waterproof connections/cable
Monitor – 5.6″ diagonal flat screen
Color LCD
Resolution 270,000 pixels

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The Lifter

2,500 lbs of magnetic gripping capacity (metal to metal)
Vehicle mounted on 1/2 ton vehicle- 1500

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The Lifter Plus

3,500 lbs of magnetic gripping capacity (metal to metal)
Vehicle mounted on 3/4 ton vehicle- 2500

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Optional Accessories